About us

CASSONE manufactures furniture for shops, restaurants and bars, offices and hotels. We have a successful track record of working with clients from Ukraine, Germany, France, Israel, Italy and other countries.

From the very beginning of its founding and up to the present day, CASSONE has a high dynamic of development and innovative approach, which allowed us to take a leading position among furniture companies in the Ukrainian market, and also to export our furniture worldwide. High quality level and competitive prices for the furniture of our production have already been evaluated by the world`s largest fashion brands, large retail chains and independent stores, hotel chains and office centers.

We keep an eye on the new technologies of materials processing and successfully implement them into our production. This ensures that CASSONE offers the best decisions, that exist in the world today. Thanks to constant improvement, today we can confidently note, that we able to use in our furniture  production all materials from furniture, advertising and construction fields. 

Own production facilities, professional teams of designers and managers, well coordinated  work of our installation department - the synergy is the key to the success of our cooperation with our customers. If your goal is constant development and growth, any goals are achievable with CASSONE!