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Eight reasons to work with us:

Counseling - Free

Design - Free

Measurement - Free

Shipping - Free

Installation - Free

Terms surprise you

Price match the quality

We work with DSP, Tree, Stone, plastic, etc.

Unique Design + excellent manufacturing = furniture Cassone

That's what your formula for success.

It's not a secret that furniture plays the main role in the orchestra of design solutions for your premises. Whether it's a pub, a restaurant or a small cozy cafe - look at the furniture and you will know how much time people are willing to pay for given pleasure.

A great businessman - is the businessman whose case runs smoothly and accurately even without his presence. In order to achieve this result, you need to start with small things. Tables, chairs and sofas should correspond with the status and display the general idea of space design. You may wonder what they can tell about the owner of a typical reception? If they are ordered from the manufacturer according to the individual design - they can tell the visitor the whole story, showing the taste, style and even the nature of the host.

The effect of bar counters on the atmosphere of a place will be soon the subject for the PhD thesis. It is time to understand and accept the fact that the whole point is in the details, and the bar is not a small thing in the issue of the domestic interior. Bar counters for restaurants, billiards of clubs, nightclubs, cafes, pizzerias Cassone makes of materials, a variety of which will make you cheer to the echo.

Stone, precious wood, metal, glass, and mirror are altogether just a small fraction of what is possible to connect not only in your imagination, but also in manufacturing of a usual counter for coffee sales. Now are you ready to give us a feasible task to manufacture your furniture?

Caesar said that the truth is in wine. Contemporaries say that the truth is in Fresh juices. Fashionable and up-today healthy lifestyle breaks stereotypes and pushes the owners of all premises, without exception, to install fresh bar counters. Create in your cafe or restaurant a special, unique corner of the space, which will stand out not only because of its characteristics and themes, but also because of the beauty and quality of the presentable furniture.

If you have already realized that the furniture should be made according to you and for you, it is worth thinking about its correct location and proper use of the workspace. Cassone can help you with special 3D programs, even before the start of the whole work, to show how your “child” will look like. Tables for cafes, bars, restaurants often occupy most of the space. Do not underestimate also the correct location of the smaller elements of the interior - consoles, drovers, and even bar stools – each of them should be in the right place. We will help you to use properly the available space and underline the best side of your interior.