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No cafe or restaurant one can not begin its work without installing specific equipment that is necessary not only for sanitary epidemiologichnym standards, but for a normal, well-coordinated work of all departments of the kitchen.

rusting equipment - it's tables, sinks, cutting surface - all in stainless steel. Main purpose: for long-term use by workers of the food industry.

hoods and steel shelving, and various pieces of furniture for cold storage, food blocks - this is a necessity, without which the work of the kitchen is not possible. That is why the creation of such furniture you need to think in advance.

right amount of units of such objects, their size, shape - is to calculate, on the basis of the volume of a cafe or restaurant and specificity of the manufactured products. Kitchen equipment, as well as any other specialized units in your institution - is left to professionals. This depends directly on the quality and speed of the collective. The work, which was originally to be directed to the desired result.

We will help you organize the presence of stainless steel equipment in the right quantity and taking into account all the requirements. Do not look for expensive middlemen, contact specialized professionals.