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Furniture for restaurants

No furniture can not begin any work. Pharmacies, beauty salons, shops - can not run without installation of furniture, individually for each business area. Take, for example, convenience stores and super-markets - Equipment for them must comply with the specifics of the products sold, the volume of the outlet, but still perfectly fit the personal needs of the owner.

pick the right furniture is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Experience predecessors said that the quality of the staff depends on the user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing furniture. Conventional display cabinets should attract the visitor's attention, but at the same time does not detract from the buyer explore products.

This is the direct responsibility of Cassone. We will help you to calculate the available space, you need to pick up equipment, and install all according to customer requirements.

In that case, if the scope of your work does not require a lot of space - an excellent option is the specific islands that are situated there are large shopping centers. These islands are equipped with everything necessary for the operation of one, two people and are selected according to their specific activities and the mainstream products offered.

absolutely separate niche in the furniture industry is rightfully office furniture. It can typically be produced as well as individually, made of wood or plastic, with metal or glass. Flight to your imagination, and our performance - will play a great blows of your own office. Executive chair, seat (s) staff, sofas, tables, chairs, cupboards and cabinets - all this will be done efficiently and in a row.